Export Of Class-3 Dangerous Goods To Norway


Crude Oil samples – Shipment to Norway


CRUDE OIL samples classified as Class 3 Dangerous Goods are required to packed in strict compliance with Packinbg standards stipulated in IATA DG regulations. In this instance, the Crude Oil samples shipment was held captive by the Regulatory Body due to ‘NON-REGULATION’ packaging by a 3 rd party.

Course of action:
  • Peeraj’s scope of service was to Air Ship Crude Oil samples to Norway.
    However, beyond our contractual obligations, to minimize the delay for our client, we supervised and ensured that the samples are re-packed in total compliance with IATA DG Regulations.
  • The shipment was thoroughly packed & secured with adequate labels & markings in compliance with IATA dangerous goods regulation
Our wins:
  • We secured necessary approvals to proceed with transportation and the cargo was flown out on the earliest available flight within the stipulated timeline set by the customer