I. Supply of RCC Mattresses – Zagan Area Poland

The Client needed concrete mattress in order to strengthen the road bearing capacity for heavy armored vehicles in preparation for an upcoming exercise in several locations in and around Zagan, Poland. PGI had the concrete mattresses manufactured outside Poland and provided transportation services to each location in the Zagan area. When the cargo reached its destination, it was understood that the loading assets (Cranes at site) which were present on the ground were not suited to unload the concrete mattresses and entire production and logistic chain was ground down to a halt due to details that nobody could have foreseen. Twelve trucks were waiting in line to be unloaded, the Client had a project to start the same day and a quick solution was needed to untangle the situation.

Our team quickly scrambled to find an option that would untangle the situation by finding proper equipment that would do the job. After much effort and contacting several several service providers to check for the type of machinery needed and its availability, a solution was found. Within a little more than an hour the installed work resumed and unloading proceeded smoothly until all the trucks were emptied.

The biggest win for our team is as always, the satisfaction of the Client and the fact that our efforts led to abiding by a clear predetermined scheduled and ultimately to mission success.

II. Aggregate Deliveries – Multiple Locations (Ukraine, Romania, Poland)

Aggregate deliveries are a significant part of our service portfolio and our company has had several contracts in multiple locations from Ukraine to Romania and Poland. Aggregate is an important material used for a multitude of purposes, but mainly to reinforce roads and motor pool areas in remote parts of firing ranges in preparation of annual exercises as well as to improve the quality of the available infrastructure on site.

In case of aggregates the sheer volume poses specific challenges. PGI delivered in multiple locations in the cluster of bases around Zagan, thousands of tons of aggregates and the challenges faced with this delivery were related to:

  • Prioritizing available resources in close coordination with the Client’s needs on the ground
  • Streamlining the delivery process
  • Consistency of quality at each location
  • Maintaining supply record and Delivery Schedule

Following the recipe listed above, our company managed to overcome any and all challenges and ensured a steady delivery of an average 900 Tons of aggregate per day completing the project ahead of schedule.