Piece de resistance

Project I :

Mission – 22 Live Bulls, imported from Mexico to UAE
The Year 2003 – Dubai Shopping Festival 
Event – “The Bull Fight with a Difference’
Mission Statement – No Blood, No Kill, Just Skill

The logistics involved in bringing the bulls were Awesome and Troublesome. Peeraj worked with Lufthansa Airlines in bringing these massive creatures – each weighing more than 400 Kgs, safely to UAE. 

We overcame multiple challenges to make it happen – Approvals were to be obtained from all directions like Ministry for Agriculture & Fisheries, Event Organizing Committees, Health Certificates & Insurance clearance, to name a few. 

Uplifting the fierce Mexican Fighters –  The Bulls, was not an easy task. Special crates were built to fit the Boeing 747 Aircraft. It was ensured, each bull is watered (30 Kgs) and fed (10 Kgs) every 12 hours. The flying time was 23 hours (not considering the 11 hours transit time in Frankfurt & Doha).

The project was executed successfully without any hiccup from start to end

Project II :

Mission – To contribute towards rebuilding the region after Gulf War
Year – 1991

During such times when all commercial modes of transportation were suspended for indefinite times, Peeraj provided solutions for speedy transport of men and material. Peeraj operated numerous chartered flights carrying man power and essential equipment & supplies to war torn areas.

Post war, Peeraj was the first company to send its barges to Port Shuaiba in Kuwait carrying more than 3000 Tonnes of cargo required for commencement of rebuilding of the nation. It included Water Well Drilling rigs required to douse the fires of burning oil wells, Heavy Equipment, Portable Cabins, Trucks with Cranes and land cruiser vehicles.

Peeraj operated multiple such voyages working with companies like Almansoori, Halliburton, Brown & Roots and Red Adair, to name a few.