Export Of Class-3 Dangerous Goods To Norway

Export Of Class-3 Dangerous Goods To Norway

Mission Objective:

The objective of this mission was to export crude oil samples taken from oilwells in the UAE to a lab in Norway for testing.

The challenges we faced:

  • The nature of the samples categorizes them as Class-3 dangerous goods that must only be transported with utmost care and the strictest packaging standards in compliance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.
  • The shipment was initially entrusted to a different forwarder who was responsible to carry out the assignment end-to-end
  • Upon customs inspection, it was found that the goods were being sent without regulation packaging, in plastic containers and carton boxes encased inside wooden crates. The entire shipment was seized by the regulatory body causing some entities to face hefty legal consequences

Steps taken:

  • Although not within Peeraj’s scope of operations, we assessed the situational urgency and expedited the repackaging in the client’s presence
  • The samples were decanted from the plastic containers individually onto regulation compliant glass bottles in the presence of the customer
  • We ensured that it was thoroughly packaged & secured with adequate labels & markings in compliance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • This helped us secure the necessary approvals to ship it out on the earliest available flight

Our wins:

Our proactiveness was well appreciated by the client thereby showcasing to all parties involved, our readiness to meet untoward challenges and winning us several brownie points

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