Radioactive Import For A Major Oilfield Client

Radioactive Import For A Major Oilfield Client

Mission Objective:

Our client, a large oil & gas company in the UAE wanted to import Class 7, Radioactive Sources from a manufacturer in the US.

The challenges we faced:

  • Considering the criticality of the project & the enormity of the client company, 7 stakeholders were involved to ensure successful completion of this project
  • This required a significantly higher quantum of communication
  • The stakeholders being from around the world led to gaps in detailed awareness about region specific documentation & compliance requirements
  • The geographic presence & internal policy on the client-side meant that this class of shipment could not be imported under their entity leading to a hold up at customs & causing stoppage of work at their Oil Rigs

Steps taken:

  • We suggested an efficient, viable & legal alternative to ensure customs clearance that was approved by the client and executed without additional resources
  • Clear lines of communication were established with the end user. The problem was conveyed to the regulatory body and reissuance of the import permit was sought
  • Given our existing relationship with the manufacturer, we were able to orchestrate the entire transportation including handling of regulatory requirements, approvals & documentation at various stages with all stakeholders in the loop at all times
  • The ‘okay to forward’ was sought from the airline and the shipment was booked on the earliest available flight
  • The shipment was closely monitored throughout the lifecycle of the project

Our wins:

  • Collected the shipment, cleared customs and ensured a successful delivery to the client onsite in Abu Dhabi
  • We are now actively recommended by the client to their subcontractors for any shipment involving Radioactive sources due to our subject matter expertise and professionalism
  • This prevented potentially large financial losses arising from downtime at the rigs where these radioactive sources were needed.

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