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Peeraj celebrated its 41st anniversary in 2014. Our foundation of success has been built upon our commitment to our customers and the many talented professionals that we employ. I am proud of the achievements of our company since our inception. We owe our success to our outstanding management team and our equally outstanding employees who are committed to providing the highest quality services and support to our clients every day. We are best known for our role as an industry leader in the logistics business. Over time we have diversified into value added engineering solutions for Oil and Gas Exploration, Production Companies in the renewable energy area. We have also diversified into Retail and Construction sectors.

While pre-empting global changes and moving forward in our pursuit of sustainable growth, we as a company will always pay particular attention to corporate ethics, and compliance. We will stay firmly dedicated to earning the trust of—and ensuring the satisfaction of— our customers. Our growth vision includes evolving unique ways, with philosophies that combine old-fashioned principles with modern thinking and technology. It is this varied mix of virtue and ingenuity that will enable us to continue fulfilling our vision to be a growth-oriented industry leader for many years to come.

Vinod Arora

United Arab Emirates

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